Rail wagons
Considered strategic for VCC, in 2018 was studied and structured the rail approach between Gent and Italy for car distribution
Logistics center
65.000 sqm of covered area
1000+ boxes inside our multi-level parking
Cars' transports
Thanks to competence of qualified drivers, periodically under formative training, the yearly volumes is of ca. 100.000 vehicles.

SATURNO Trasporti founded in 1987

Saturno Trasporti Srl was founded in 1987 with the exclusive mission for "Vehicles Transport".

Over the years the Firm made its brave choices, investing in a new platform to establish its own international network, presenting itself on the logistic Automotive market as one of the main Italian player, offering several services such as transport activities to logistic ones and cars preparation.

In recent years , the firm enhance its capabilities itself on transport with special trucks for prototypes and quality cars.

The qualified personnel and the service quality allowed Saturno Trasporti to obtain the Certification ISO:9001 (year 2007) and 14001 (year 2010) and to gain exclusive contracts with the main worldwide brands.

Network structure and business units

Saturno Center Service

Compound Services

S.I.T.F.A Spa

(operation rail partner)

Saturno Torino

Special Transports and events


(operation rail partner)

Franchise Partners

Exclusive truck fleet

Sacconago Malpensa Intermodale

(operation partner)

Cassano Magnago logistics center

Built in 2005 according to the most modern standards